1 Simple Solution
Offering: Consultation Evaluation and Analysis leading to a Simple Strategic Plan to
develop Individuals and Organisations to reach their Full Potential in Sport and Adventure.


Genetic screening

Your genetic fingerprint offers a great insight into your potential as an athlete

Profiling and Assessment

A physiological and psychological profile will help determine the way forward in your training and racing

A number of assessments both physical and mental will ensure horses for courses

Action plan

An action plan will provide advice and direction using the following criteria as appropriate

Long-term programme
Short term Schedules
Nutritional Guide
Strength Training and Conditioning
Training Event Planning
Running Drills-mountain walking
Heart Rate/VO2 Assessment and Analysis
Lactic threshold testing
Cycle Training
Swim training
Physiological Testing
Injury Clinics
Mental Training
Complimentary and General Training advice and support
Altitude Training

Specialist Coaching Days

In Run Bike and Swimming disciplines