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EWR Physical Performance Coaching

The coaching works on the premise that  each mountaineer has their individual needs to develop within a progressive and flexible programme of training in their quest for the development of Extreme Endurance; Therefore the team is select and small!

Select, regardless of ability, in that only well-motivated athletes with a true embracing of the    ethics    and spirit of training for mountaineering are chosen from the numerous applicants.

Small in that the above can only be achieved with small numbers due to the time and attention to detail required to produce best performance from an individual.

How Does it Work

Stage 1 is a physiological and psychological screening in order to develop the right programme for development. Team members cannot enter the programme for less than a year, as short-term development needs a consolidation period to re-enforce and establish the gain.  A programme of Macro, Mesa and Micro cycles are negotiated with short and long term annual goals determining how the Development of Extreme Endurance is achieved.




Long-term programme
Short term Schedules
Nutritional Guide
Strength Training and Conditioning
Training Event Planning
Pose Running Drills Clinic
Heart Rate/VO2 Assessment and Analysis
Lactic threshold testing
Cycle Training
Physiological Testing
Injury Clinics
Mental Training
Complimentary and General Training advice and support
Altitude Training



What Next

After the Physical Profile Forms have been completed and a series of tests including V02 Uptake, Lactic Tolerance etc have been completed each member will be screened advised on Base Physical Training throughout the winter. At the next meeting in March at Harrogate  an individual training programme will be designed and monitored through Assist Training computerized training support systems.

Chips will also attend all programmed meets and events both in UK and abroad to train and advise.(See EWR Website)


Latest Updates and Downloads

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